Due to covid situation most of the places, courier office delivery only possible. You may have to collect the parcel from the office.

Return Policy

Cancellation & Return Policy

herbeepaleofoods.com takes great pride in providing quality assured products as promised, at best prices, Incase you are unhappy with our merchandise, we provide you with a flexible and easy return policy.

15 days Replacement Guarantee

All orders can be cancelled at any point of time before it is dispatched for shipping. We follow a flexible 15 days replacement guarantee. Which can be -

  • A 100% replacement of your product
  • 100% refund of payment made to us. You can choose either one of the options which best suits you.

Conditions of Return

We offer to pay you back in case-

  • We ship a wrong product
  • Defect in the Product
  • Product is damaged in transit

Things to Remember

  • All products must have the receipts/original security tag and label and must be returned in the same condition as delivered, without any sign of wear & tear, alteration or damage.
  • Request for return must be placed within 15 days of delivery. No return request will be entertained beyond 15 days of receipt of item.

How it works:

  • Drop a mail to herbeeinfo@gmail.com with details about the reason for return with your order no. and scanned copy of your invoice and the kind of replacement you are looking for.
  • Put the product in its original package with your order no. mentioned or original invoice attached.
  • Send the package through a courier of your choice to our office addresses mentioned.
  • We will oblige within a maximum of 15 days of receiving the package.
  • In addition, a max of Rs 100/- will be credited to you against the courier charges.